All Pageants UK run new and exciting competitions searching for REAL children that have what it takes to be a star.

We pride ourselves in only entering children that are 100% natural - we don't want mini adults.

That means no fake tan, false nails, make up or hair extensions. We want them to be what they are CHILDREN! Over 12yrs are allowed the bare minimium of make up.

We even want the children that reach the final to choose their own outfits for the Grand Finale at the end of the year.

« This Is NOT A Beauty Competition »

We want children that have natural star quality and charisma, whose personality shines through.

Each month a winner will be selected from each category along with five runner-ups which will be put through to the live shows.

The Grand Finale will be held at a venue to be confirmed, and will probably be in the south east of England at the end of the year.


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Grand Finale